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Important note: You don't need any registration to access content. There, I wrote it. Enough of people registering with dumb screen names and fake email addresses! If you want to browse this website, be my guest and don't waste your time on this page! Use one of the navigation link on the left, and enjoy.

Then, you may ask, why register then? Well, there are a number of reasons - some of them implying a verified email address.

  • Being able to post comments on every article or blog entry.
  • Being able to contact me.
  • Be notified of a new article.
  • Have access to protected areas, like family pictures.

    Of course, even if you have a login and password here, you may browse anonymously at will. Once created, you may delete your account at any time, no question asked.

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    Correct answers to those question grant access to restricted areas of this website (family pictures, etc.) Of course, you can leave them blank.

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    You can be informed when there is a "major" update in this site. In case it gets annoying for you, every email sent includes a link to clear all notifications.

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    So, choose the topics you are interested in to stay tuned!




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