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What is NetEpic?

Games Workshop's Warhammer 40'000 universe is a background suitable for many games. The most famous one is Warhammer 40'000 (W40k), a wargame of small engagements between troop detachments, but others do exist, like Necromunda and Space Fleet. A W40k army is made of 28mm scale models, with usually several dozen miniatures on each side.

NetEpic is another wargame in this futuristic universe, but on a different scale often called "Epic scale". Each soldier model is roughly 6mm tall. With such small models, engagements on a tabletop can involve hundreds of soldiers and full tank companies. Moreover, this scale allows huge battle fortresses towering even the tallest buildings - Titans, Leviathan and such - to join the fray. The game focuses more on strategy, objectives and astute battle plans than on luck and individual heroes like W40k does.

NetEpic is free and open source. Optional rules allow fine-tuning of the game to suit any taste. You can have a look to NetEpic website here.

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Epic History (kind of)
How is NetEpic born? A little bit of history about 6mm scale wargames in Games Workshop universe. [read]
published on 13 Apr 2004


Eldar War Host
When Eldar craftworlds go to war, they field impressive armies of guardians backed up by Aspect Warriors and led by the Avatar of Khaine. [read]
published on 23 Dec 2004


Ultramarine Force
A large Space Marine force belonging to the world of Ultramar. A complete gallery and a lot of advices on how to paint your own NetEpic army. [read]
published on 31 Mar 2005


Tau Army
For the Greater Good! [read]
published on 24 Oct 2005


Squat Brotherhood
On high gravity planets they call Homeworlds, Squats rely on enough military might to repel any invader. [read]
created on 09 Aug 2006


Ruined Imperial City
Nothing is more typical to NetEpic games than ruined cities where entrenched fighters endure the firepower of incoming enemy tanks. Here is how to get your share of rubble. [read]
published on 04 Feb 2005


Tau outpost
Far from Imperial worlds where cities lay in ruins, the Tau race expands at a fast pace. This is the source of much conflicts - and Tau outposts are often caught in fierce battles. [read]
published on 24 Sep 2005


Squat Stronghold
Squats live in Strongholds, impressive fortifications spread on the surface of their planets. [read]
created on 10 Oct 2006


Necron Army List
This is an attempt in NetEpic:Necron army book. [read]
created on 15 Sep 2012


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