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Man O'War is a war game by Games Workshop set in the Old World of Warhammer Fantasy. In this naval battle game, each player is an admiral controlling a fleet of his choice and tries to sink vessels of his opponent. Victory can be achieved through many means - broadside fire, boarding actions, spells of magic, flying monsters and even control over strange denizens of the depths.

Avoiding the treacherous sand banks, your ship of the line squadrons are flanking ennemy fleet while your massive Men O'War manoeuver for the killing blow. Your sailors are ready to fight and your cannons are loaded with black powder. But can you sense when the wind is changing?


What is Man O'War?
A presentation of the game, its history, and plenty of advice should you decide to embark! [read]
created on 21 Mar 2007


Man O'War Scenery
Beautiful shores certainly add to the game - for sunken ships' sailors don't have to swim too much to reach dry land... [read]
created on 22 Mar 2007


Empire Fleet
The Empire is the strongest human nation of the Old World, and Emperor Karl-Franz let enough freedom to imperial engineers to have this warfare superiority extend to the seas as well. [read]
published on 07 Dec 2007


Bretonnian Fleet
From the port of l'Anguille depart the beautiful vessels of the King of Bretonnia, their proud white sails filled with the breeze. [read]
published on 28 Jul 2008


Dwarf Fleet
Dwarf ingenuity knows no bound. To defend their strongholds from the sea, they created steam-powered battleships, as heavily amored and as sturdy as any Dwarf Warrior. [read]
published on 28 Jul 2008


High Elf Fleet
High Elves field best and brightest seafaring vessels. Those sleek and elegant ships patrol relentlessly the shores of Ulthuan to repel any threat. [read]
created on 21 Mar 2007


Dark Elf Fleet
Dark Elves scour the sea from their legendary Black Arks - floating fortresses hiding hordes of monstrous creatures of the sea. They wage an eternal war on High Elves but will attack any race for slaves and loot. [read]
created on 21 Mar 2007


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