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 Painful migration  on 21 May 2009
For almost a week, has been offline. Because of the financial crisis... [read]

 Man O'War reinforcements  on 28 Jul 2008
The Man O'War section received two new fleet: Bretonnia and Dwarves.

 Account recovery problem solved  on 21 Apr 2008
Another bug hunted down. Too bad I didn't find it earlier.

 Display corrected under FireFox  on 19 Apr 2008
After just a few months of waiting, has finally the right text size under firefox!!

 A family in its environment  on 31 Mar 2008
A small gallery about what happened during those last months in our family. And also the work that took place for our new kitchen...

 Happy new year!  on 05 Jan 2008
2008 already! I wish you all the best, dear visitor!

 Long live Karl-Franz!  on 07 Dec 2007
The Man O'War section has been updated with a new fleet for the Empire.

 Of Houses and Kids  on 15 Oct 2007
I put to good use a small moment of stillness in the midst of all our activities, to explain to the world how we are going - and more importantly, how are going our children. It's here (but you need to log in with sufficient access rights.)

 July already!  on 06 Jul 2007
Have you noticed the lack of update? Well, thanks to a move and my two children, I've been very busy lately. But don't worry, because I worked on miniatures nonetheless (!) and there are plenty of articles to come. Writing them and shooting pictures is still requiring huge amount of time, but at least the miniatures are there.

 Projet: Exodites  on 01 May 2007
Here are two articles marking the return of in the world of Warhammer 40'000, through a new and exciting modelling project. As the title says, it's about Exodites, a dissident Eldar faction. Have a look here for the project context and see the first result: the Exodite Lord.
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