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Wargaming comes in a number of shapes and forms. I am involved in a peculiar niche called the Games Workshop's Hobby. Games Workshop is a very successful gaming company, albeit through a questioniable business model, and believe it or not, they even invented wargaming!! According to their self-proclamed statements, of course. In their peculiar vocabulary, wargaming is called "the Games Workshop Hobby".

But I digress. To read more about all the hilarious and ridiculous side-effect of GW marketing and game development process, which may be quite cryptic for someone not involved, have a look at the Rant section. Otherwise, browse through those pages; you will find interesting information for the gamer, the model painter, the sculptor, and every role anyone can indulge in through miniatures gaming.


What is miniature wargaming?
Everything is described there. A must read if you never heard anything about it. [read]
published on 05 Nov 2004


Why Miniature Wargaming?
If you consider all the hobbies available, miniature wargaming may seem an odd choice, but it has interesting qualities. [read]
created on 05 Nov 2004

Other topics

Various articles
Useful information about modeling, painting and the Hobby that do not relate to a specific game. [read]
published on 20 Apr 2004


Warhammer 40,000
In the grim darkness of the far future, there's only gaming. [read]
published on 21 May 2004


Necromunda is a skirmish game set in the futuristic and crumbling inside of a hive city in Warhammer 40'000 universe. Every player is a gang leader and fight rivals for loot and fame. [read]
created on 08 Apr 2004


NetEpic, wargaming at Epic scale
A section dedicated to NetEpic, a wonderful 6mm scale war game in Warhammer 40.000 settings. [read]
created on 13 Apr 2004


Man O'War
Raging sea battles in the world of Warhammer! [read]
created on 22 Mar 2007


Warmachine & Hordes
There's a whole world of wargames outside the Hobby as defined by Games Workshop, and it's worth discovering it. [read]
published on 16 Feb 2006


The dark side of Games Workshop exposed. And since we are speaking of modelling and painting usually, you may find scathing humor there too - not enough to strip paint off, but who knows? [read]
created on 21 Feb 2004


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   "It's better to enlarge the game than to restrict the players." -- Eric Wujcik