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WARMACHINE is a dynamic and fast-paced wargame taking place in the steam-punk world of the Iron Kingdoms - a fantasy setting twisted by black powder weapons and unreliable steam engine technology. In this game, powerful warrior-mages called Warcasters fight each other with the help of soldiers, spells and iron golems mixing coal and magic: the mighty Warjacks.

HORDES is the feral twin of Warmachine, both an expansion and a standalone wargame. It relies on the monstrous creatures wandering in the wilderness of Immoren, those being led to battle by Warlocks, drawing their powers from the beasts' primal rage and struggling to keep them under control. Hordes is released in 2006.

Both games are published by Privateer Press.


Why Warmachine?
You have three armies for Warhammer and four for Warhammer 40'000, and thousands of points of unpainted miniatures waiting, so why should you even try another game? [read]
published on 16 Feb 2006


Khador Warjacks
If Khador Warjacks had to be described through a single world, it woud be heavy. Lacking the technology available to southern states, they rely on raw power and thick armor. [read]
published on 16 Feb 2006


Khador Troops
In the northern marches of Khador, people are as tough and hard as their land - and burning with the desire of turning down contesters of the Khador might. [read]
published on 01 Jun 2006


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