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Here you will find advices useful no matter your skill as a painter or as a modeler, and no matter what game you play.


Glue Guide
The sheer number of situations involved in miniature modeling makes the existence of a one-size-fits-all glue impossible. This guide covers common glues, pastes and putties and their usage. [read]
published on 27 Apr 2004


Tools Guide I
This guide covers essential tools. You really can't do much without them. Unless you are new to miniatures, you certainly already have some. [read]
published on 29 Apr 2004


Tool Guide II
Getting serious about modeling? Then, those tools may be helpful. They are more complex, dangerous and expensive, but you will need some to go further along the Path of the Modeler. [read]
published on 29 Apr 2004


Creating a Gaming Board
I created my board in half an hour; I realized then that it may interest fellow gamers. Fed up of playing on a table cloth? Then read this! [read]
published on 31 Aug 2004


Miniature transport
Unless you play all your games at home, you will need accomplish this. [read]
created on 23 Mar 2006


Forge World Kits Overview
I've heard the best and the worst about Forge World. Now that I've purchased many kits at once, what can be said about them? [read]
published on 23 Jul 2004


Forgeworld Warhammer Village
At least, some Fantasy City Fight! Thanks to Forgeworld's resin buildings, Old World architecture becomes real. [read]
published on 09 May 2005


Weapon Swapping with Magnets
Customizing your army while enforcing a strict appearance may be tricky; but magnetic power can save the day. [read]
created on 21 Mar 2006


Miniature Photography
In miniature wargaming there is not just close combat but shooting too... [read]
published on 19 Dec 2005


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